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General Bot FAQ

How much do I have to pay for this bot?


Why is the Bot free?
The Bot is ad powered. If enough streamer bring enough viewer on the website, it's enough to pay the server.

Is their a smartphone app to place bets mobile?
I've got a working prototype ready, but after talking with Twitch I had to learn, that it's not allowed cause of the twitch api tos.

Is this website / the twitch account save?
Yes, the website uses https / ssl whenever possible (everywhere expect theater mode). In addition, all data is transferred encrypted, so no Viewer or other Streamer should be able to cause damage to your Website. OAuth tokens, so the Twitch "access" are also stored encrypted locally in your bot on your hard drive and never transmitted to the ddbot server. Your Viewer login directly at Twitch. These tokens are not stored, they are only used to authenticate.

Can I import data from other bots?
Yes, you can use a deepbot api interface to import your viewers with onlinetime and points to the ddbot online database. If you use another bot, write me an email, maybe we can find a solution.

How does this betting system work?
The bot accesses your OBS window and makes every 0.5 seconds a screenshot. You have to play a few times your game (also works offline in obs preview) and do a few screenshots from your game. Then you have to cut a few pixel from this screenshot to a single .bmp file. The bot uses this images to know what's your game progress is. Did a game started? Did you win or lose? After this the bot will work fully automatically. 

Does that mean the bot needs a lot of resources (CPU, RAM, etc)?
No, the bot uses very resource-saving algorithms. In addition, your viewer database is stored on the ddbot server and not on your PC. So you save power, you can use for your game.

Is the bot done?
No, the bot and also your website is regularly expanded and improved. You could also call this a beta test.

Did you stream on your own?
Yes, I've streamed World of Warcraft on my channel "BlackmooreDD". The bot was developed for this stream.