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Bot General Configuration

A point/loyality Bot makes most sense if all viewers get points regularly. You should specify directly how often and how many. 

For me, every new follower got a few starting points for betting. But caution, once you've entered a number, your last 100 followers are given with starting points and informed by whisper! Maybe you should import your old user database first.

The Check Followers button reads all your followers from the twitch api! This process takes a long time. In principle, you have to do this once.

Through the selection allow Trash you set the !trash feature on or off. Your viewers can then destroy points, and document this process in their profile. In addition, you can sort the highscore by trash.

The language dropdown allows you currently to switch between German and English.

If you have previously used another Bot, you can open the Deepbot Import or the Ultimate Twitch Bot Import  or Revlo Import Menu for an Import of your old user database.