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The main interface is as small as possible, so it does not interfere and can remain permanently open on the second monitor!

The Online button in green indicates you that your Twitch Bot account is successfully logged into your Streamer Chat. Otherwise Offline is written on a red button. Then you can do nothing, except pushing this Offline button to log in with the bot account. You need to logout your streamer account in your Main Webbrowser for this moment, so you can connect your twitch bot account. 

Under the Online / Offline button you see the detected stream status. This status comes directly from the Twitch API - only when the stream is detected as online, points are distributed, see general configuration.

Up in the title bar of the window you see the betting status. The delay of here 12 seconds elapse. Then the bet is open until the bet time expired.

If no bet is open, the start bet button is visible. That is the manual way of managing the bets. If a bet is open, you can read Cancel on it. So you can cancel a bet start or but also prevent an evaluation. Use this type only when it is absolutely necessary. Automatic detection offers you various advantages.

Under bets start, defeat and win, check out the games selection. You need to edit this list on the website at your own admin panel. Then you can chose you game manually. If you change the list, you can press the button next to it to load the new games. If a bet is misclassified, you can correct it directly on the website.

To add a auto bet trigger press the New Trigger button This will open the Trigger Editor.

The giveaway button opens the Giveaway window.

The website: Admin button opens your admin panel in your default webbrowser, if you are logged on with your ddbot.de Streamer account.

With the selection always top you can decide whether the bot should cover all other windows, or disappears in the background.

The large off rightmost menu button opens a submenu with setting options, etc.