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The Stream Delay is the time in seconds that the bot waits between the display and the actual action. If you, for example, win, the bot already displays the result, but waits until the Stream Delay is over before sending the result to the database and chat. So stream and chat should be in sync.

The bot can post the status of the bets in the chat, so when starting a new bet, who won, etc. You don't need this the theater mode works anyway. So your Viewers can bet and your chat keeps bot "spam" free.

The betting period is the time in seconds, bets can be placed by your Viewers. You have to set this to at least 10 seconds.

The Rest is for the Bet System. It depends on your game which setting is the best. On the left side are the auto-bet-trigger profiles. So you can, for example, seperate LOL and WoW. Or for example Normal and Ranked. In addition, you can set different betting periods. 

You have to connect a Profile to a Game (Reminder: Games are managed in the Admin Panel of the website). If you change the game in the Maininterface, the appropriate triggers and other settings are also automatically loaded. But caution, it can only one profile be active. Should there be a double occupancy, a warning message appears. This is a bit complicated, but it allows a few more opportunities.

When the end of the game has been detected and your game shows some information you can let the bot make a screenshot and upload it to your game history.

The large menu on the bottom right is the list of Auto-Bet-Trigger of the selected profile.